From a Dealer, a Partner has grown

The eagle-eyed might have noticed a bit of a name change introduced with the recent upgrade to the E&P website. E&P used to call Premium Partners ‘Premium Dealers’. So, why the change of name and does it change anything else? 

Ultimately it boils down to trust and credibility. When you think of a ‘Dealer’, you’d be forgiven for thinking of Del Boy. It’s certainly an easy connection to make. A bit of a ‘wheeler-dealer’, there’s always a deal to be done for r’Del with some shoddy merch he’s trying to flog at the market. 

That is not the image E&P want to be associated with our brand. Quality and service are important elements to us. We want our customers to be as proud of the technology on their vehicle as they are of the vehicle itself. Your caravan or motorhome is your pride and joy, and our products are ours.

The Premium label for our Partners reflects the level of service and quality of installation you can expect from them and us. We’re all part of the same family with a rigorous training and auditing program to ensure consistency of service across the network. You will receive the same level of service at any of the Partners, or from us directly, in our network. 

Timely change

There are still lots of organisations that use the dealer terminology and that is fine. The car sales network is such an example. And admittedly that’s not got the best reputation for sales experience either. There are, however, plenty of start-ups in the car resales market that are trying to shift that historical stereotype of the car salesman. Good luck to them. 

For E&P, the dealer name just didn’t fit with how we want our customers to see us. We have a reputation for being the best on the market, which we’re understandably proud of and want to keep. Partner is a much more fitting name for the service already being offered by our network. Nothing has changed with the day-to-day relationship we have with our Partners. We have been working together with them to provide hydraulic levelling systems to the UK leisure market for the last 11 years. We train them, support them and work with them to give our shared customers the best service and product. The naming of them has now been bought in line to reflect that joint relationship. They are more than dealers down a pipeline, we’re all part of the same team with the same goal of providing excellent service to you. 

Premium Partners 

E&P have two levels of Partner in our network. There are Premium Partners and Installation Partners. Both are certified to install our products to a high standard of finish and offer the same product at the same price. If you visit one showroom, you should get the same level of service at the same cost, no matter where you are in the country. If you have your system installed at an Installation Partner and have an issue with the system, they should be your first point of contact for any support, but you can also take it to a Premium Partner for assessment and any work that may need to be carried out. The two-year warranty is valid from any approved Partner. But, it has to be fitted at one of the approved Partners, be that an Installation Partner or Premium Partner. 

So, when you see Partner on our website, you know you are dealing with part of the E&P family. 


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Find your local partner

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