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Premium Partners have been hand-picked for their high levels of service and quality of installations. They are part of the E&P family. We trust them with the E&P brand and you can trust them with your pride and joy. 

Selected for their commitment to quality of service and installation, and continuously audited and certified by us, you can rest assured you will receive the same exceptional experience no matter which Partner you select.

Installation Information

Premium Partners are the only centres to offer servicing and warranty inspections.* 

Level C installations can be carried out in one day. 

Level M installations require two days. 

Talk to your selected Partner for help with planning accommodation and travel. 

Installation Centres Key

Level M Installation
Level C Installation
Service & Repair

*If your E&P system has been installed outside of the UK or Ireland, our network will happily carry out any servicing or repairs for you, but cannot process warranty claims for you, even if the system is within its warranty period. They will provide you with an invoice and warranty report, allowing you to raise a claim with your supplying Retailer.